About us


ROAD ASSISTANCE SERVICES in Bulgaria and abroad. We offer the best prices and customer relations, as well as transportation of passengers involved in accidents.

EM EXPRESS Ltd. Is a licensed road assistance company and our team guarantees the delivery of the quickest and most appropriate solution to a problem.


Our client policy includes the following principles:

– Responsibility
– Caring for your vehicle
– Fast response
– Reasonable prices


It is our pleasure to offer you our professional services. We are able to provide rescue and transport services for all kinds of vehicles up to 6 tons, as well as transport of vehicles to different locations in Bulgaria.


We offer a non-stop opportunity for the transportation of up to 6 people. We are able to rescue all kinds of vehicles with a maximum weight of 6 tons.


Our services include the transport of agricultural and construction machines, and we also have the capacity to transport more than one vehicle and up to 6 people in the same time.


We always arrive as fast as possible because we dispatch immediately after we receive a call!


CALL NOW: 0889 95 95 54